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My name is Amy Cruz. My husband Oscar and I have an amazing blended family that consists of 8 beautiful children and 3 energetic grandsons. We love to travel and make memories! Our family's favorite verse is Rom 8:28.

My Story

My name is Amy Cruz. I have been a business owner in this community since 2015. In 2016, our family faced our worst fears. Having a child that was struggling with different substances and alcohol, I saw his whole life shatter before my eyes. I was so scared to let people know because the stigma about addiction was so strong in our community and I didn’t want our child and our family to be looked down upon. There were no resources or groups that were openly promoted. I had no where to go, no one to reach out to. I am grateful that my son eventually found his road to a recovered and whole life, but those were the hardest years of my life where I felt hopelessness, depression, and entirely alone. As I saw the problem of substance use continue to multiply in our community, all I could think about were all those scared parents who were out there feeling alone just like I did. Wanting to make a difference and show parents that there are other parents there who understand them and are fighting their same fight, I decided to join forces with Gardens of Hope and get certified as a Certified Peer Specialist for Parents. Now, my goal is to walk hand in hand with other parents as their children search for their own pathway to recovery. 


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