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Hi my name is Jacob . I enjoy bass fishing , exploring nature , making people laugh , and spending time with my family .

My Story

  My name is Jacob Brannon and i am a person in long term recovery. My journey in recovery began June 12th, 2022. The way that I grew up was not necessarily the best environment for a child but it kind of molded me. I started smoking marijuana at the age of 11 and it slowly progressed throughout all of my teenage years. I did play sports like baseball and football to try to get away from all of the havoc at home, but it never had my full interest. Unfortunately, the street lifestyle did for the next 9 years. Which landed me in a jail cell and facing a pretty big charge. But from the mercy of the court i was able to go to Forge Recovery Center which i later graduated and got the opportunity to become a peer specialist at the Gardens of Hope. Where i get the privilege to stand by individuals who want to change or simply just need someone to talk to.


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