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My name is Jada braddock and a few fun facts about me is that I am a person in long term recovery, I like cats, horror movies, gardening, rock music, bones, rocks and art / like to draw and paint and I also like to cook!

My Story

Hello, I'm Jada Braddock, and my journey of recovery began on March 20th, 2020. Growing up in Statesboro, Georgia, I faced numerous challenges in a troubled household with a single mother. As the eldest of two siblings, the weight of responsibility often fell on my shoulders. Amidst the struggles, I learned sign language due to my deaf grandfather, who battled alcohol use disorder (AUD), while my mother faced substance use disorder (SUD). At 17, following a dispute with my mother, I left home with just the clothes on my back, finding refuge with a friend and her parents for a year, though I struggled with a sense of belonging. As my addiction worsened, I moved out at 18, working at Vandy's BBQ, where I met Brandon Brag, a dear friend who tragically overdosed. This loss plunged me into a dark place.

Working at Vandy's BBQ, I found solace in the supportive recovery community there, guiding me to my first meeting at The Fork. From that pivotal moment, my recovery journey took root. Overcoming adversities, I achieved significant milestones in recovery, including opening my first bank account, obtaining a driver's license, and earning my CPS-Y certification. Now, I run meetings and offer peer support to children and young adults at Gardens of Hope in Lyons, providing the support I yearned for as a child. Today, I am grateful for the family and friends scattered across the map who have become my home.


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