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Welcome to Gardens Of Hope

Reaching One Person At A Time


About Us

At Gardens of Hope ARSC, we cultivate a nurturing environment where hope blossoms and lives flourish. Our organization stands as a beacon of support, offering compassionate peer assistance and dedicated resources for individuals navigating the challenging journey of overcoming drug addiction. Rooted in empathy and understanding, we foster a community where individuals find solace, strength, and guidance. Through our diverse range of programs and initiatives, we aim to sow the seeds of recovery, providing a safe haven where individuals can grow, heal, and thrive. At Gardens of Hope ARSC, we believe in the transformative power of support, walking alongside each other on the path to a brighter, addiction-free future.

Meet The Team!

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Addiction Recovery Support Center

We offer non-clinical, peer-led activities that engage and support individuals and their families successfully to make life changes necessary to establish, maintain and                            enhance recovery from Substance Use Disorders. 

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